Installation and design of compressed air networks

Characteristics of Compressed air

1. Abundant Supply: Available anywhere, in unlimited quantities, and without charge.
2. Storable: Since the air can be stored by tanks, it is not necessary for the compressor to be running continuously.
3. Transportable: It can be easily transported by pneumatic pipelines over long distances.
4. Stable: The air does not change with temperature changes, and this is guaranteed or guaranteed even under critical thermal conditions, and it is also safe when the load is increased.
5. Clean: Compressed air is clean and its leakage does not cause pollution.
6. Economical: The operating elements are easy to install and are therefore inexpensive.
7. Quick: Compressed air is a very fast medium and allows high working speeds (pneumatic cylinders reach 1-2 m/sec).
8. Adjustable: The speeds and forces are highly adjustable through the components of the pneumatic circuits.