FINI can boast one of the most complete ranges in the lubricated piston reciprocating compressor sector. Among the various types, they are characterized by the following characteristics:
• Cylinder head system with large fins for excellent heat dissipation;
• crankshaft in nodular cast iron carefully balanced for better stability;
• stainless steel valves with high air passages;
• ventilation conveyor;
• flywheel with high concentrated flow air flow;
• high performance suction filter equipped with labyrinth to decrease the sound level.

The FINI pumping units are categorized, like all of them, based on the structure, size and electrical power necessary for the motor to make it work correctly:
• Single stage, with powers from 1.1 to 4 kW;
• Two stage, with powers from 3 to 7.5 kW;
• Two-stage V-shaped, with powers from 4 to 15 kW.

The BKV50 pumping group is the largest two-stage pumping group with four cylinders produced by FINI COMPRESSORI ; this compressor is connected to a 20 horsepower (HP) engine.

Code: SP0000C

Technical features:
Engine power: 20 Hp / 155 kW
Maximum pressure: 11 bar Intake
air: 2148 l / min
Max rpm: 1000 rpm
Cylinders: 4
Stages: 2

Structural features:
Final chiller: Yes
Intermediate chiller: Yes
Air conveyor: NO
Forced ventilation: Yes
Pre-rhodium-plated cast iron cylinder: Yes
Vacuum start valve: NO

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