The ABAC models are characterized by pumping units with cast iron cylinders and heads with large fins and final collectors for more effective cooling, which improves the volumetric efficiency of the compressor. They are also made with an oversized oil sump for better lubrication, ductile iron crankshafts, special stainless steel reed valves thanks to which high yields and very high resistance to wear and fatigue are achieved.
The B7000 model is part of the ABAC two-stage range, characterized by more powerful, silent, safe groups, suitable for heavy duty, designed for very high durations with low energy consumption;
In two – stage pumping groups the air is compressed in a first phase, cooled and then again compressed in a second phase, allowing to achieve very high yields.

Code: 4116090261

Technical features:
Motor power: 7,5 Hp / 5,5 kW & 10 Hp / 7,5 kW
Maximum pressure: 11 bar (to reach higher pressures ask for information) Intake
air: 1023 l / min with 7,5 Hp and 1210 l / engine min with 10 Hp engine
Max rpm: 1100 rpm with 7.5 Hp engine and 1300 with 10 Hp engine
Cylinders : 2
Stages: 2

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