THE PUMPING GROUP is the heart of a compressor and for this reason all ABAC / NUAIR groups are designed and manufactured to guarantee high performance, efficiency and reliability over time. There are many advantages that distinguish these groups:
– finned manifolds that ensure effective cooling of the air entering the tank;
– oversized oil covers for better lubrication; spheroidal cast iron shafts;
– connecting rods with special anti-wear treatment;
– multi-finned flywheels for better cooling of the pumping unit;
– reed valves in special steel.

Code: 370000B

Technical features:
Engine power: 3 Hp / 2.2 kW & 4 Hp / 3.3 kW
Maximum pressure: 10 bar Intake
air: 390 l / min with 3 Hp engine and 480 l / min with 4 Hp engine
Max rpm: 1100 rpm with 3 Hp engine and 1400 with 4 Hp engine
Cylinders: 2
Stages: 1

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