The AB678 pumping unit is in the category of FIAC lubricated ” two-stage ” belt transmission . This model has the same function as the AB525 and AB598 models , but is structurally even more impressive. The two pistons, always of different diameters, have a larger diameter, for greater air compression at a lower number of revolutions (1000 revolutions per minute) . The AB678 pairs with 5.5 horsepower . Compressed air production easily exceeds 600 liters per minute at minimum effort. This pumping unit can also support the


maximum pressure of 14 bar , get advice from an expert COMPRESSOR BRANCH !

Code: 1123020110

Technical features:
Motor power: 5.5 Hp / 4 kW
Maximum pressure: 10/14 bar
Air intake: 650 l / min
Max rpm: 1000 rpm
Cylinders: 2
Stages: 2

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