The AB525 pumping unit is the earliest of the two lubricated stages of FIAC belt drive .
The structure is similar to its little brother, the AB515, but in this case the pistons are of different diameters, one high and one low pressure.
The AB525 can be associated with two powers: 4 and 5.5 horsepower . Based on the choice, it will then need to be calibrated to make it work at the right number of revolutions per minute.
The production of compressed air goes from 400 to 500 liters per minute more or less effortlessly.

Code: 1123020006

Technical features:
Motor power: 4 Hp / 3 kW – 5.5 Hp / 4 kW
Maximum pressure: 10 bar
Air intake: 440 l / min with 4 HP power – 490 l / min with 5.5 HP power
Max rpm: 1280 rpm / min with 4 HP power – 1440 rpm with 5.5 HP power
Cylinders: 2
Stages: 2

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