About El haggarmisr

El Haggar Misr

Elhaggar misr is the leading company in air compressors business, it has been established in 1977 and since then we are the number one choice in air compressors.

Elhaggar misr has large Varity of air compressors products and solutions:

Reciprocating compressors supporting small, medium and large business. We are the manufacturer of reciprocating compressors with co-operating with Rami company in Italy, supporting our factory with all the needs and technology for producing air compressors.

Screw compressors: we are the sole agent for Kaeser compressors. The leading German screw compressors (screw compressors. dryers, filters, portable compressors, ... etc) and we support compressed air solutions by highly trained engineers. We guarantee all Kaeser products by our authorized service center.

Pneumatic systems: we are the sole agent for Camozzi company, established in Italy and supporting the Egyptian market throw el haggar misr with all the needs of compressed air control (valves, cylinders and vacuum)

That’s not all about El Haggar Misr we keep expanding our range of products to satisfy our customers needs when it comes to AIR. That’s why we have new line of products (Nitrogen Generators) high quality Italian generators to support up to 99.9 % pure Nitrogen.

Company Profile

To be the best choice in the Egyptian industrial market for air compressors, providing high quality products that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers, and to reach out the Middle East and African industrial market by the year 2014.

To support small, medium, and large Egyptian industrial business with high technology and wide range of air compressors with competitive prices .To gain our customer satisfaction with highly trained and trustworthy engineers, and genuine spare parts .To increase the company profit growth, creating excellent career opportunity and financial rewards for our employees .Providing products that are safe, economically efficient and clean for the environment.

. Creativity

. Integrity

. Innovation

. Trustworthy

. Pioneering technology