With variable speed drive

With variable speed drive

All-in-one systems: Series: SM SFC to HSD SFC
Motor power: 7.5 to 515 kW
Delivery: 0.30 to 86 m³/min
Standard pressures: 6 to 15 bar(g)


SM SFC to HSD SFC series compressors from Kaeser are exceptionally efficient variable-speed rotary screw compressors. SM, SK and ASK SFC models use Kaeser’s minimal maintenance V-belt drive system, which features automatic belt tensioning to ensure optimum power transmission. Larger models from the ASD SFC upwards are equipped with the speed-controlled 1:1 direct drive. The large, slow-speed KAESER airends with energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors provide outstanding performance across the entire control range. Every Kaeser SFC compressor model is capable of 100 percent duty cycles without any increase in maintenance requirement

The SIGMA CONTROL compressor controller is a robust PC-based industrial computer with a real-time operating system and update / network capability. This advanced controller is equipped with a pressure-to-frequency profile that guarantees maximum flexibility for air delivery and pressure whilst providing best possible efficiency. Furthermore, the SIGMA CONTROL is able to communicate with other master air management systems such as the SIGMA AIR MANAGER.

SFC compressors are able to control air flow to match actual demand by continuously adjusting the airend speed within the given control range. Pressure can be maintained to within ± 0.1 bar, consequently enabling the maximum system pressure to be reduced. This can lead to significant savings, as each 1 bar pressure decrease results in a six percent reduction in energy consumption.

Contained in its own separately cooled cabinet, the generously sized SFC module enables perfect performance at ambient temperatures of up to +45°C.

The electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) of components and of the complete machine has been tested and certified in accordance with all applicable regulations.

The soft rise in motor starting current from zero to full load without current spikes leads to an almost unlimited motor starting frequency (the number of possible motor starts within a given time period without overheating occurring). The continuously variable acceleration and deceleration significantly reduces component stress.

Series Technical Specifications