Standard Compressors

Standard Compressors

Head, motor and the accessories are Italian Tank , base mount, belt guard and assembly are Egyptian

Advantages of Reciprocating Compressors
They are equipped with large fan which will make very good cooling due to large amount of air flow
Cylinders are arranged in V & W configuration made of cast iron with radiating fins to get more efficient cooling.
Pistons are made of aluminium alloy.
The compressor is dynamically balanced.
Power transmission to compressor is belt drive
The crankshafts run on rugged ball bearings and also the conrods are fitted with roller bearings.
There is a good system of cooling obtained by intermediate cooler and after cooler.
Air receiver made of carbon steel.
The receiver are painted outside with anticorrosion material and designed for max. temp of 55 C
Testing pressure is 1.5 max. working pressure
Compressor & motor are mounted on a steel base over air receiver
Compressor head can be supplied separately on request
Spare parts are always available to serve our customer
These types of compressor are single & double chassis

Air intake filter.
V belt drives with belt guard.
Pressure switch and pressure gauge.
Solenoid valve to ensure starting at no load.
Safety valve, pressure gauge
Non return valve between compressor and receiver
Drain valve
Shut off valve to control air from receiver.

The compressor is provided with Motor of squirrel cage induction motor with cooling fan AC380V, 50Hz 3phase, 1P54 Class F Insulation Motors. Motor complete with on-off switch. For emergency and operate automatic by pressure switch.

Star delta switch board with thermal overload protection.
An automatic oil switch off at low oil level can be provided at request.
A special air filter for heavy duty conditions that clears dust from atmospheric air.
An electric condensate drain can be obtained at special request.
Can be supplied up to 30 bar at special request.

Series Technical Specifications