Rotary blowers for oil-free air

Rotary blowers for oil-free air

How a KAESER rotary blower works OMEGA P
As the rotors turn, air in the inlet is trapped between the rotor lobes and the casing and is carried round to the outlet without being compressed. The casing bore toward the discharge port is slightly eccentric so that as the lobe approaches the port the gap between it and the casing begins to widen. This allows gradual equalisation of pressure between the air in the discharge port and that in the chamber behind the advancing lobe. Pressure equalisation in two-lobe blocks occurs abruptly as the advancing lobe crosses the lip of the discharge port. This is the main reason why three-lobe blocks generate significantly less pulsation than two-lobe blocks. The air is then finally pushed out against the pressure in the pipework.

Heavy-duty cylinder roller bearings completely absorb the continuously changing radial gas-forces that are exerted on the rotors and achieve an operational life of up to 100,000 hours.

The well-proven labyrinth seals with pressure equalising channels are fitted as standard. Other types of seal are available on request.

High precision 5f 21-rated spur-ground timing gears have minimal flank clearance and a play major role in contributing to the block’s outstanding volumetric efficiency.

Oil slinger-discs at each shaft end ensure that all relevant bearings and gears are evenly lubricated. The gear and drive side are both lubricated.

The rotors and shafts are machined in one piece and balanced to Q 2.5 standards for smooth, trouble-free running. This provides exceptional reliability and durability. The moulding cavities at both ends of the rotors are closed off with end caps.

The rotor lobes are equipped with integrated sealing strips that reduce sensitivity to contaminated intake air and thermal overloading.

Cast as a single piece, the casing has a distinctive ribbed structure that not only provides added strength and rigidity, but also ensures optimum heat dissipation.

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