N2R Nitrogen Generators

N2R Nitrogen Generators

Reliable and safe

Thanks to 50 years of experience in the development. And production of machines and technologies for the treatment and modification of gas mixtures, to the high quality of all materials and components used, to the careful design that is maintained in all development phases and to rigorous quality controls, our new line of nitrogen generators is the reference benchmark for nitrogen manufacturer on the market for the pressure swing absorber technology.

Pure and low cost nitrogen for:

- Food packaging
- Fruit preserving
- Pharmaceutical applications
- Oil and chemicals industry
- Maritime sector
- Laser cutting
- Electronic components assemblies
- Moulding of plastic materials
- Tire inflation
- Varnishing
- Thermal treatment.

Why use N2R nitrogen generator?

- Ease of use: constant nitrogen production up to 24 hours a day.
- Low management costs: low production costs (ca. 0,30 kW/h per square meter of nitrogen with 99,5% purity). No costs for hiring and transport.
- Reliability: low maintenance requirements and exclusively only on the air supply system.
- Ease of use: it is sufficient to connect the generator to the power supply and to the compressed air supply system to have nitrogen at the desired purity level.
- Safety: the plant does not require any particular safety measure.

Other advantages

- Flexible systems: Standard models ranging from 0,25 to 261,5 nm³/h with adjustable purity going from 95 to 99,999%
- Engineered systems: special models with flow rates above 500 nm³/h designed and customised upon request.
- System modularity: in case higher nitrogen quantity is needed, NIMOS nitrogen generators allow for the connection of expansion modules, even on site.
- Plant Payback: the generator usually compensate for its costs in less than 24 months.
- Life time: regular quality controls in the air supply system are enough to ensure a good functioning of the generator for more than 10 years, even in case of continuous use.