Modular with refrigeration dryer

Modular with refrigeration dryer

Series: ASK T and ASD T to DSD T
Motor power: 15 to 132 kW
FAD: 2.09 to 23.8 m³/min
Standard pressures: 8/11/15 bar(g)

Innovative: ASD T to DSD T series
These advanced rotary screw compressors are versatile, reliable and highly efficient. With an integrated refrigeration dryer module, these complete air systems provide a dependable source of quality compressed air. As the air compressor and refrigeration dryer are installed in separate cabinets, the dryer is not exposed to heat from the compressor package.

Energy-saving refrigeration dryers
The dryer shut-down feature – which is linked to compressor operation – significantly reduces energy consumption.

Aircenter and SXC – Compact compressed air systems
The KAESER AIRCENTER is a complete, turnkey system for the production of dry compressed air. The arrangement of a KAESER screw compressor with its highly efficient SIGMA-Profile airend, together with an energy-efficient refrigeration dryer mounted on an air receiver creates a compact and highly economical package. Furthermore, AIRCENTER and SXC units are far less work-intensive to install than conventional compressed air systems.

Turnkey operation
Attached to the compressor unit, the refrigeration dryer module is delivered fully connected and ready for operation. The separate cabinet design allows the dryer components to be generously sized yet easily accessible and shields the dryer from exposure to heat arising from the compression process. The optimised cooling system ensures reliable air package operation up to an ambient temperature of +45 °C.

Every KAESER rotary screw airend is equipped with energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Components manufactured to the highest standards and precision aligned roller-bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability.

The SIGMA CONTROL compressor controller is a robust PC-based industrial computer with a real-time operating system and update / network capability. This advanced controller is equipped with a pressure-to-frequency profile that guarantees maximum flexibility for air delivery and pressure whilst providing best possible efficiency. Furthermore, the SIGMA CONTROL is able to communicate with other master air management systems such as the SIGMA AIR MANAGER.

Installed upstream from the refrigeration dryer, the centrifugal separator ensures dependable and efficient condensate removal even under conditions with high ambient temperatures and relative humidity. An electronic level-sensing ECO DRAIN provides effective condensate drainage without pressure loss.

The refrigeration dryer is also equipped with an electronic 'ECO DRAIN'. The level-controlled condensate drain eliminates the compressed air losses associated with solenoid valve control, which not only saves energy, but also enhances operational reliability.

The refrigeration dryer module turns a standard rotary screw compressor into a compact compressed air supply system. All components are easily accessible, both simplifying and speeding up all maintenance work.

Series Technical Specifications