KRYOSEC Refrigeration Dryers

KRYOSEC Refrigeration Dryers

TAH / TBH / TCH Series
Flow rate 0.35 to 4.50 m³/min

Why is it necessary to dry compressed air?
Ambient air always also contains water. When this air is used by a compressor to produce compressed air and is cooled back down to the applicable temperature for use, it is no longer able to retain all of the original volume of water it previously held. As a result, condensate accumulates and fl ows through with the compressed air into the air distribution network, which can lead to costly maintenance and repair work. This is where compressed air refrigeration dryers come into play, as they can dry the compressed air down to a pressure dew point of +3 °C.

The dryer’s stainless steel plate heat exchanger is complemented by an air-air heat exchanger. Low pressure differential and high quality insulation ensure energy-effi cient operation at all times. The integrated condensate separator provides dependable performance even under conditions with fl uctuating compressed air fl ow.

The hot-gas bypass control ensures optimised compressed air cooling and prevents harmful ice formation. Moreover, KRYOSEC dryers can also take the infl uence of ambient pressure into account (TAH and TBH series automatically, TCH series manually).

The electronic ECO-DRAIN condensate drain provides dependable condensate drainage without pressure loss. Cold surfaces are insulated to prevent condensate formation and corrosion from occurring on the inside of the system. A ball valve installed at the condensate inlet enables quick and simple maintenance.

KRYOSEC dryers feature a dew point trend indicator. The practical colour scale allows the user to check system status at-a-glance.

Series Technical Specifications