Diesel Engines MOBILAIR M 57 Utility

Diesel Engines MOBILAIR M 57 Utility

Series: MOBILAIR M 57 Utility
Delivery: 5.1 to 5.4 m³/min (180 to 190 cfm)
Pressure: 7 bar (100 psi)

The versatile ‘M 57 Utility’ requires minimal installation space and is designed, as standard, for operation in ambient temperatures from -10 to +50°C. The wide range of available tools and accessories, such as tool lubricators and compressed air after-coolers, means that the system can be precisely tailored to suit the exact demands of the working environment.

User-friendly operation
The illuminated control panel featuring a temperature and fuel gauge is protected by a tough metal cover, whilst system monitoring and shutdown in the event of an alarm are fully automatic. Manual switchover from idle to load operation and the start switch with preheat function ensure reliable start up even on cold winter mornings.

Fuelling is carried out from the front face of the unit and the large fuel tank has sufficient capacity to ensure operation for far longer than a single shift.

All maintenance access points are easily accessible once the enclosure panels have been removed from one side of the unit. Oil changes are also made simple, as the drainage points for the motor oil and compressor fluid pass through the closed floor pan to the exterior of the unit.

Forklift pockets in the closed standard base frame ensure safe, dependable manoeuvrability via fork-lift truck. Screw-in machine feet are also optionally available.

A fixed crane eye on the top of the unit’s housing makes transportation simple and the stainless steel exhaust pipe features a rain protection flap. The M 57 Utility complies with COM IIIA and TIER 4 interim exhaust gas emissions regulations.

Both the standard and the low temperature versions of the M57 Utility are equipped with KAESER’s patented Anti-Frost Control. This system is particularly useful at times of the year when ambient temperatures are lower This not only prevents tools from freezing, but also extends air tool service life and availability.

Series Technical Specifications