AIRCOM is an Italian Company specialized in compressed air distribution and control equipment. 
Fittings, pipes, valves and accessories are expressly designed and manufactured to provide superior performances and higher safety levels.

Solutions and applications for systems of all kinds and sizes, from the small workshop to large manufacturing complexes - developed to ensure durability, efficiency and energy savings.
With an own sister company in USA and a worldwide presence, AIRCOM features a truly unique profile in its industry sector.

Aircom is designing the future of compressed air. 
Its entrepreneurial vision is based on high specialization and on the research and development of ad hoc solutions, designed basing on customers’ needs or open-source and expressly studied and developed to anticipate the evolution of products and processes.


AIRCOM is able to respond to any need for transport and control of compressed air and inert gases, from the compressor to the end user point. AIRCOM’s products offer is divided into three different lines of products: Quick Line, Classic Line and Freeze Line, which make up a complete set of components in aluminium, technopolymer and thermoplastic compound perfectly integrated and adaptable to each other.

A team of highly qualified engineers and the in-house technical workshop can study special productions and developments, and ensure full technical assistance, early identification of any critical design or prompt intervention after installation

1- Aircom Aluminum pipes and polymer fittings do not corrode their smooth inner surface keeps air clean, now and in the years to come

2 - No risk of corrosion when cutting the aluminum

3- No risk of leakage, which is not related to corrosion

4- EASIER INSTALLATIONS Lightweight pipes: a standard 50 mm (2”) pipe weighs less than 5 kg (11 lbs).-

5- Short manual cutting time 2 min In 50 mm dia.

6- Fast debarring of the pipe. Pipes can be simply pushed into the fitting.

7- Modifying the network is easy and fast: the fittings and pipes Can be simply disassembled and reused.

8 Low initial pressure drop.